Online Casino offers Big Money Awards

With three new card competitions proposing big cash motivations, is upping the bet this month. The Three Card Poker, Blackjack and Caribbean Stud competitions will be prized more than $10,000 in money and awards plus Free Plays, with players building up the most chips during the month each winning L1,000. Second and third place players in each one category will receive $500 and $250 correspondingly Three Card Poker is the most thrilling new card game to hit the strip since Texas Hold ‘em, and is one of the first online casinos to propose this well-liked Vegas game. Three Card Poker works on two levels; as an easy appetizer for the poker beginner, and also as a welcome disruption from well-liked favorites Blackjack and Caribbean Stud (Bermuda Poker) for the customary player. “Three Card Poker is an easy game for beginners to start with,” stated Rene Quesada, Manager. “It’s also a nice change for people that have played a lot of online card games.” Caribbean Stud Competition players at the online casino that have fun in the progressive could, in fact, win big. Presently,’s Progressive Jackpots are at record-high levels, with The Caribbean Stud Progressive at $331,077.22 (as of June 6).

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