‘Gold, Glory and Sweet, Sweet Cash’ – CheknRaisePoker.com’s

Hotly looked-for new poker spot, ChecknRaisepok er.com has stated it will be performing the tantalizingly named ‘Quarter-of-a-Million-Dollar Competition for Gold, Glory & Sweet, Sweet Cash” to have fun its up and coming start. The venue is due to go operational in September and is being listed as a real winner; with an experienced administration team at the back it that promises to deliver ‘innovation, creativity and a better game to poker players everywhere.‘

The ChecknRaise team is getting attractive to poker players of all levels to register in advance and test their skills in a competition that proposes winners vacations, cruises and gold bracelets, bonus $250,000 in money awards and free buy-ins to the 2005 World Series of Poker in Vegas. Pre-registering now will succeed players for numerous special endorsements.

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